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General questions

BlockyFi is an educational platform first and a community second. BlockyFi provides information about the blockchain and everything that comes with it. From fundamental and technical analysis reports to educational content about trading within the blockchain.

We use different exchanges, as some exchanges do not offer all coins. Therefore, make sure that you use different exchanges so that you can also invest in different coins.

BlockyFi is about you as an individual and your personal development within the blockchain. We are focused on educating and guiding our students. With our trades we explain what our choices are based on and add different approaches for you to use.

With us you are not just a 'number'. We want to help each individual as best we can. This means that together with you we will see where your interests lie, the available budget and we coach you to achieve even more success.

What you feel comfortable with. For example, it can be with $100, but also $1,000. Don't just think of it as an investment in crypto. It is also an investment in your personal growth.

It's just how much time you invest in it yourself. After purchasing the Academy you have unlimited access to it. This also makes it easier if you have a full-time job! 

Always keep in mind that it is not just investing in crypto. It is an investment that you will carry with you forever with the knowledge we share with you.


Also frequently asked questions

We sure have! Free and for nothing. And what do you get back? 

  • Buy and sell signals
  • Updates every day
  • Fundamental and technical analyses
  • trend identifier
  • Fresh gem drops
  • and much more...

Of course you can also contact our community for all your questions.

The BlockyFi community is available for both the computer and via your phone/tablet. We use Discord because of its speed and user-friendliness

Absolute! The Academy is suitable for both beginners and advanced students.

How nice that you want to contact us, we are happy to help you. If you are not yet a member of our community, you can send us an e-mail to [email protected]. Of course you can also call! +31 (0) 85 016 3320.

Which can! Our academy is set up in such a way that you can and may decide for yourself when you want to get started.

Of course we will not and cannot blindly convince you to purchase a package. We want you to know what we can offer you so that you can make an informed decision. Honesty and transparency, that is what we stand for.

To access the content we offer you need an active internet connection and a Discord account.

No. We do not give advice. All content you find in our academy is purely for information about the blockchain and its ecosystem.

When purchasing the BlockyFi Academy, you are entitled to no less than 3 months of free coaching, which is supervised by one of our professors. We have opted for 3 months so that we can optimally measure your results.

During the coaching conversations we look at your knowledge, where your interests lie and much more is discussed! This is purely to help you get started in the world of blockchain technology.

(We do not give advice, but only provide information and share tips to help you on your way).

The coaching trajectory consists of +/- 1 hour per week (+/- 4 hours per month). Our professors make time for this especially for you because we want you to understand everything to the point. It is highly recommended to follow this coaching program to receive important information and of course the golden tips for successful investments.

Huh, Discord?

Questions about Discord

Discord logo

Discord offers a number of unique features that Telegram, for example, does not have. For example, Discord offers the possibility to create different channels in a server. Because this option exists at Discord, we can offer different content to our students with different interests.

It also creates order in the content we want to publish.

A Discord tag is a unique 4-digit number that you can find at the bottom left of your discord screen. (pc)

You can find it on your phone by clicking on your profile at the bottom right. Next to your username you will find a '#' with your 4-digit Discord tag